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Liebster Award Nomination!


Thanks a ton!  Piyush Bilandi for the nomination. You write pretty amazing and highly informative blogs yourself! And to answer your questions, here it goes..!

What is your ambition in life?

I want to lead a life in the most unconventional way as possible!

If I had a chance to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A single place doesn’t satisfy me! haha! I’m forever a wanderer!

What would you want to change about the world?

I want to live in a world where we will find more open minded people.

Why did you start blogging?

To enable my thoughts to reach out to people. But after joining the blogging community, I have certainly gained much much more in comparison to what I have given. It has certainly been an overwhelming experience!

Suppose I have two friends one of which advises me and the other one who wastes time, who would I choose?

I usually cut-off the toxic people in my life. But if they are good-natured and understand my priorities, it’s just their life choices and that doesn’t affect mine, then it wouldn’t stop me from being their friend! People can surprise you if you are willing to give them a chance!

What is the best thing you like about my blog?

It is very factual and comprehensive! Keep blogging!

Any suggestion to improve my blog?

Nope! You’re blog is very thorough! Good going!

What would be the first thing you would do if you win a lottery?

Hope you are talking about a huge lottery! haha! I would love to go on a world tour!

What is your favorite post that you have written?

The very first post I wrote, Finding Myself, its the one which is very special to me!

Describe yourself in three words?

Unpredictable, free-spirited and compassionate!

Why have you joined wordpress?

To discover more kindred spirits who share the same passion for writing, and the followers too are such incredible people! It is very encouraging to read your comments! Thank you very much for your support!

I further nominate all my followers! Please tag me and let me know about it!

XOXO Erica !






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In Search Of A Better Tommorow

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

The rain used to splash vigorously against the truck window as Samantha drew shapes, outlined by the fog collected on the inside of the window. She reminisced about summers spent at her grandmother’s place, gleefully chasing butterflies in the elaborately mended garden, comprising of a view both serene and idyllic at the same time. Now all she could experience was a dry weather accompanied occasionally by a light drizzle, that offered little relief amidst the intense heat. It had been a long time, almost five years  to be precise,  since she had last visited her hometown. She had become a complete  stranger to her own town, which oddly seemed indistinguishable with the fast-paced cities she had moved into, with the promise of a better life.Every inch of the once beautiful town was either occupied by ginormous buildings or were a part of another development plan.The trees were scarce and the alarmingly decreasing tree population looked as if faced with the threat of being wiped out from the earth’s surface. The freshness of the air was replaced by a contaminated and dusty atmosphere.

Why has man destroyed the delicate balance and harmony prevalent in nature? Because we are mere mortals with the lack of oversight of something greater than the highest mountains and bigger than the endless sky  that envelopes our home. Alas, the angels hover, trying to discern the remnants of the human conscience, polluted with greed and insanity, hopeful  that some day a sudden moment of inspiration might hit them like a lightning stroke to bring them back to their senses.





The Contemporary Woman

What is the idea of a contemporary woman? One who wakes up the earliest in the house, completes the household chores and makes sure all the family members are in time for work or dressing up the kids for school, and she herself prepares to head for work. Surely not!Today we observe dynamic shifts that challenge this traditional view of a family.Now the father is no longer the head of the family but rather a sense of divided responsibility prevails and unanimous decisions are taken as both parents definitely are contributing financially. So why does a  woman still feel pressurized to keep the family knit together, struggle to keep each person happy and in the end be blamed if something goes wrong.Even if she is not blamed by others,she herself cannot get rid of that nagging sense of guilt somewhere in the back of her mind. It is high time for a woman to realize she cannot juggle work and home life along the lines of perfection. She needs to prioritize and know that it is definitely alright to think about herself, work towards fulfilling her own ambitions and at times put herself before the needs of the family. She will have to come in terms with the reality of the situation, and take charge of her own happiness. Ofcourse there will be consequences,life isn’t a bed of roses anyways,hence despite these uncertainties a woman needs to learn to shed these inhibitions, and stand up for herself.But will all hell break loose if she decides to do so? The family will survive just like she survived all these years sacrificing her needs. It’s time to take control of the situation and vow to never loose our identity. This would be possible if we instill such values in our children from a tender age. Gender sensitization is a dire necessity and our only hope for a future where we stop assigning stereotypical roles to people and not discriminate a person based on their gender.



A different kind of Philanthropy

blogWe live in a world with widely ranging economic disparities existing in society.It is a mere gamble that some of us end up living in big white houses, with ample amount of opportunities to grow.Lets take a moment and think about those who aren’t that fortunate. Every child deserves a chance to dream. What shapes a child into a responsible,self-reliant,respectable law-abiding citizen? What gives scope to a better and bright future?  Although some of the noble rich do donate huge sums of money, which I undoubtedly agree is a vital necessity and greatly helpful in reaching out to the needy, what can we, the ordinary public do to bridge the gap? Along with providing the children with basic amenities, they have to be given guidance.This could mean a lot of things, like informing them of the opportunities available, encouraging them to pursue their dream, appreciating their efforts along with some creative criticism, rendering moral support, teaching them useful skills etc. Education is the cornerstone in realizing this goal of not only meeting their daily needs but also empowering them.These small act of ours will be highly rewarding as we take more than we give.We get to experience the joy of giving. I can guarantee that through my very own experience. When I had been to few villages in India along with a fellow student group, to visit the schools, which are supported by an NGO, it was thrilling to see the talent,zeal and enthusiastic response of the children. I was overwhelmed by the amount of potential possessed by such kids living in remote areas with minimum facilities. All they need is the belief that they can have dreams too, ones which they can turn into reality and this is possible only if we are willing to sacrifice a small portion of our time and dedicate it towards lending them a helping hand. Always remember, we rise by lifting others.



The feeling of being lost and perplexed wasn’t new to her.She just needed to find her way back home.Every time it was a different route,with unexpected ordeals,leading to varying outcomes but always held the promise of a new experience. Taking a route that was already tried before never appealed to her. The monotony of it bored her to death. Was she an adventurous spirit or rather possessed an unhealthy craving for the adrenaline rush she got from attempting unusual things?Could a wild flower look prim and proper when placed amidst a bunch a lilies,or would it look carelessly beautiful as it sways in rythmn with the swiftly blowing wind in the crop fields that so often caresses it along with the numerous plants surrounding it. Being a misfit can be isolating at times but being true to yourself will set you free. She always had a restless mind, lived and worked towards a new dream everday,some may characterise that behaviour as fickle mindedness, regardless she was happier that way. Caring about what others think of you is definitely exhausting, so she stopped.Life is a roller-coaster of highs and lows,a loop that repeats itself endlessly and we keep running in circles of being happy,sad and repeat.Every time the stakes seem higher and the struggles get tougher.But the more it takes to get there,the sweeter the taste of victory. So she grabbed her metaphorical bagpack,slung it over her shoulder and set out on a path never threaded before.