In Search Of A Better Tommorow

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

The rain used to splash vigorously against the truck window as Samantha drew shapes, outlined by the fog collected on the inside of the window. She reminisced about summers spent at her grandmother’s place, gleefully chasing butterflies in the elaborately mended garden, comprising of a view both serene and idyllic at the same time. Now all she could experience was a dry weather accompanied occasionally by a light drizzle, that offered little relief amidst the intense heat. It had been a long time, almost five years  to be precise,  since she had last visited her hometown. She had become a complete  stranger to her own town, which oddly seemed indistinguishable with the fast-paced cities she had moved into, with the promise of a better life.Every inch of the once beautiful town was either occupied by ginormous buildings or were a part of another development plan.The trees were scarce and the alarmingly decreasing tree population looked as if faced with the threat of being wiped out from the earth’s surface. The freshness of the air was replaced by a contaminated and dusty atmosphere.

Why has man destroyed the delicate balance and harmony prevalent in nature? Because we are mere mortals with the lack of oversight of something greater than the highest mountains and bigger than the endless sky  that envelopes our home. Alas, the angels hover, trying to discern the remnants of the human conscience, polluted with greed and insanity, hopeful  that some day a sudden moment of inspiration might hit them like a lightning stroke to bring them back to their senses.





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