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Stars aligned perfectly in unison

Embroidering the dark blanket

The sun goes down, so does the disappearing crimson

The world breathes quietly free from the racket

Of birds or the cacophony of my thoughts.

I am a creature of the dark

I see beauty where everyone else fails to

For there can be no light without the dark

Lying in wait of the awakening of a chaotic world.





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There are things which are beyond our control. When life puts you to the test, and you have to face circumstances that you are not prepared for, that is when you discover how strong you truly are. You know one thing for sure and that is never to give up because giving up isn’t an option. At such trying times fate puts us through, you need to be your own superhero. 


When you know your life is going to change

That it’s never going to be the same

And there is nothing you can do about it

Just stand helplessly and watch it transit.

When the storm tries to uproot your existence

A warrior is born amidst the turbulence

Only the strong and sturdy rise

Conquering darkness like the blazing sunrise

They make their own wings;

Stone-cold and immune to the uncertainty and swings

They stand tall and face with courage

Prepared for the worst, lest fate ever try to discourage.

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What is love?

Each one of us has our own interpretation of love. The more I try to understand its nature, the more bewildered I am. Its seems like an endless journey, this quest to find the true meaning of love. The more you explore, the more entwined its essence gets.


If love sets hearts on fire, doesn’t it extinguish over a span of time?
If love is forever, does it encompass the mortality of the soul?
If love is unconditional, why does it hurt when it is not reciprocated?
If love is fulfilling, what if the emptiness tries to creep in?
If love is perfectly imperfect, why do the imperfections threaten to shake the very fabric on which it was built?
If love is bliss,why at times does it seem blissful ignorance?
If love is forgiveness, don’t some mistakes make the heart go through a great ordeal?
All I am left with is the timeless question, “What is love?”

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The Golden String



For times when reality gets overbearing, music is my safe haven. To me music is like a story, where, as the tale unfolds you become one with the character, you experience their joys, dreams, fears and hopes. And when the story ends you reluctantly snap back to reality and the spell is broken. Lately, I’ve been drawn towards classical music concerts and here’s an ode to the way music inspires me.

Enamored by the whimsical sound of strings

Strung with emotions flowing like the fall of spring

Vibrating in accord with the cautiously beating heart

Burning like an inextinguishable fire lighting the dark

His fingers struck them with a delicate ease

The absence of lyrics nonetheless felt;

Every note filled our hollow souls with a temporary bliss

A treacherous escape bound to fail

Because it all ends when the music stops.

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A Survivor’s Cry


-This short poem is an insight in the mind of a victim of bullying. All of us, at some point of time have been a bully ourselves by not taking a stand against those who bully others and silently watching it from the sidelines. It is time to make a change and join forces in this fight against such torment.

I am fire, I am ice
In a world filled with hatred and malice
I am hurt, I am insecure
I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

Once upon a time I was destroyed
Now I destroy everything in my path
The carefree life that I once enjoyed
Is haunted now, by invisible judging eyes and misdirected wrath.

Everyday is a plight, every step is a fight
Nothing I do ever seems right.
Even my smile feels contrived.
Despite everything, I survived.



If I Risk It


Waves crashing upon the seashore
Whispering secrets buried deep in the sea
Its surface pristine blue at the crack of dawn,  a deeper hue of navy by nightfall
Camouflaging the numerous skeletons that lay at rock bottom.
One brave sailor took upon herself a voyage to conquer the sea
Sailed to the end of the world to unearth its mystery
Stubborn as it was, it didn’t give up without a fight
The ship tossed and turned violently, making the sailor’s fears prove right.
A flicker of doubt crossed her mind and she looked at the safe abode of the shore longingly.
At crossroads with herself, a conflicted state of mind
Fear coursing through her veins, overpowered by a strong sense of rationale
Play it safe or risk for something purely on grounds of faith.

But the glimmer of hope in her eyes never dimmed
With a strength she never knew she possessed, she hung on to dear life
As the ship propelled forward, like a sacrificial lamb at the sea’s mercy
She had made her decision and there was no turning back now.
The ship submerged , swallowed by that beast of a sea
The sailor gasped for air as she tried to stay afloat hanging onto a broken wooden plank
Her last attempts at survival were overshadowed by the approaching high tide.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a strange land.
The skies were never clearer nor the meadows so luscious and green
The tide had miraculously pushed her ashore, to a paradise hidden in a dream
If there ever existed a place virtually untainted within its realms.
The dawn of realization that her dream had come true
Struck her with an invigorating intensity
and left her feeling beyond overwhelmed.
A joyful cry reverberated in the tranquil island
The sea had finally paved the way for this courageous soul.


Anger Management

As it keeps escalating to endless heights,I take a deep breath and let it go
Because words left unsaid at anger’s height,saves a million ties from shattering
A broken glass, although fixed, can never possess its original lustre
So never let it fall, never let anger overpower the soul from within.

It may seem tempting to explode, let out that steam from within
It’s only destruction that is caused if one decides to give in
Emotions bottled up keep trying to create cracks in the jar when suppressed for too long
People appauld not the harshly croaking crow but the nightingale’s song.

Dont take the plunge,but hold your horses.

Find a way around it,dont waste time lamenting your losses.
Slowly, but steadily the anger will fade away
Profound peace you will find, when anger is kept at bay.