Summer to fall transition outfits!

With the fall approaching are you wondering whether to get a wardrobe upgrade? Here are some ways to style those gorgeous summer outfits of yours that you love, to seamlessly work for winter as well.

Bomber jackets are a standard clothing piece when it comes to sporting summer clothing in winter. It goes well with almost everything, adding an edge to the overall  look.

My personal favorites for the fall are fur coats. You can either go minimalistic with fur by opting for neutral colored coats or go for a bold look and experiment with a mixture of colors, prints and pair it with a plain tee or a printed one.


Your summer dresses can be worn by pairing it with a t-shirt underneath for a chic look. To easily pull off the look, warm pastel shades are perfect!

You can also have some fun with your outfits and try some layered styles, add overcoats or scarves and chunky boots to the mix. Here are few ideas of how you can do it.

The other standard pieces are long jackets and winter coats. Find one that works with most outfits, like beige colored, navy blue or the classic black one. In addition to that have a brighter shade coat, that you can wear on monochrome clothing.

These are the various ways I choose to wear my summer outfits for the fall. I hope you like it and give it a try. I would also love to hear your winter outfit ideas, so go ahead and tell me about it in the comment section below!

XOXO Erica




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Fashionable Ways to Flaunt those Floral Prints!

When I think of floral prints, I associate the type of print with the occasion. If you are wearing it for a casual outing, choosing something subtle and yet remarkable is preferable. You could try patterned neutral shade pants or shorts,  pair it with something bold and interesting or go for a classy minimal look by opting for a plain tee.


You can try the same with floral skirts too! Emphasize the attention to the skirt by choosing a plain top to go with it.

Floral jackets work to trendy look to a tee. It adds that edge to the entire look  to make it appear very playful and fun.

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There are endless varieties of dresses that bring out the floral summer theme gorgeously. Here is a compilations of few of my personal favorites.

What excites me the most is the more challenging task of going an overall floral patterned attire! Mixing two pieces of different floral pieces to produce an outfit that is still in harmony with  every piece, now that’s something you can have fun experimenting on!

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Hope you guys loved it! Do let me know your favorites in the comment section below!

xoxo Erica

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Dare to look different? You must try out some of these stylish looks!

With androgyny becoming the next big thing in fashion, I’ve found some cute ways for a beginner to adopt these styles. You can start minimalistic and try sporting suits on jeans. Accessorize the look with funky glasses or shades. For those interested in further experimenting the look, pair the jacket with a long flowy skirt.

Ditch those heels for a change and get those sneakers on! You can pair it with absolutely anything. For an uber chic look, you could opt for a dress, preferably loose fit to go along with the comfort themed dresses that seem to be in vogue and add a little creativity to complete the look with few personal touches.


I must admit I haven’t been a huge fan of hats. But the stunning actress Victoria Justice makes the attire look seamless by pairing it with a hat. All the more reason to try it! Here are few ensembles to choose from.

I hope you like it! Do tell me about your favorites in the comment section below. Be bold, brave and your own kind of beautiful!

Xoxo Erica

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Check it out!-Various ways you could style those check prints

Let’s explore the feminine side of check patterns with some of these excellent combinations. Here are a few ways to style those check dresses in a unique way to bring out more personality in your dressing.

You could keep the chequered look playful and chic by pairing it with skirts. If the top is patterned, a flowy contrasting skirt would work great, for instance, suppose the shirt is in a neutral shade opt for brighter colours while selecting your skirt. Layered tops could be also tried to add a little spunk to the outfit but don’t forget those stilettos to complete the look! For those of you really loving the Gothic trend, a black overall with a slight touch of colour to the criss-cross patterns is perfect!


Couture lovers, here are a few ideas to make that check uber-stylish. With a fringe layered skirt, complemented with accessories, you are more than good to go! Or you could keep it bold by embodying a head to toe check print look.



If you choose to be minimalistic in incorporating checks to your clothing, try some of these looks. The chequered shorts and crops are novel ideas.

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We do have those days when we feel like we are on the top of the world, wanting to dress up like a rock star! If you are feeling like a rock chick and the entire world is your stage, pair up a neutral look with a chequered jacket or a cute chequered dress with a leather jacket.




Hope you loved it. Xoxo Erica!


The Golden Globes-Striking Outfits seen on the Red Carpet!

As the 74th Golden Globe Awards unveiled, we witnessed some of the most amazing stylistic choices on the red carpet, which made heads swivel in appreciation. Here are a collection of some of my favorite looks.

Blake Lively, famously known as the Gossip Girl, flaunting her unbelievable post pregnancy body wore a custom-made Atelier Versace dress, beautifully complemented by a pair of emerald Lorraine Schwartz bracelets.86eda8a8350d23d936802c86640ea435

Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace, wore a gown with an interesting combination of feminine lilac and dark bold black embroidery at the edges of those scaly layers.


Emma Stone, in Valentino, Jimmy Choo Minny sandals, and Tiffany & Co jewelry, looked angelic in that soft pink gown adorned with stars, which aptly depicted her role in the movie La La Land.


The Game of thrones star Sophie Turner donned a spring collection Louis Vuitton. A standout among the rest, she was a breath of fresh air on the red carpet.


Ruth Negga, in Louis Vuitton and a GemfieldsxFredLeighton cuff, wore a perfectly tailored metallic column dress,embellished with rubber chords,leather bands and metallic clasps.


Lily Collins,who appeared like a modern-day princess, was wearing  Zuhair Murad couture, Harry  Winston jewelry, and Salvatore Ferragamo sandals. She wore an elaborately embroidered floral gown, a haute couture piece indeed. Hailee Steinfeld, in a custom Vera Wang nailed a dreamy pricessy look.

Evan Racheal Wood arrived to the globes in a custom Altuzarra silk pantsuit, in order to send a strong message to girls that dresses aren’t a requirement. She stressed on the importance of being ourselves, undiluted by society’s narrow perception of who we are supposed to be.


Drew Barrymore slayed the globes with a sparkly Monique Lhuillier dress, paired with Harry Winston jewels.The plunging V neckline and  gorgeous appendages that looked like wings elevated the entire look.Kristen Bell wore a low cut black sequined and tuxedo gown which is a Jenny Packham, sported a Jimmy Choo clutch and Harry Winston jewelry.

Thandie Newton,in Monse, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry turned heads with her off shoulder white bardot dress embellisehed with diamonds.


Michelle Williams, in Louis Vuitton wore a custom made corseted bustier gown. Just when we thought we were done with chokers last season, she gorgeously accessorized the dress with a statement black choker. I hope you enjoyed this fashionable journey to the globes!

xoxo Erica



Fashion Hacks 2017

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. With every new year we set high goals for ourselves and strive to accomplish them. And while working towards these goals, you can make sure you appear effortlessly fashionable everyday.But for days when you aren’t really up to the task of putting on an elaborately thought out attire, or if you are dealing with one of those days where you just don’t have the time for it, you could pick up few of these clothes to the rescue!Most of these compilations focus on minimalistic fashion, hence we’ll be cutting down on the bling.Because when we talk about minimalistic fashion, always remember the golden rule: Less is more!

I would prefer to tone down the colors and opt for neutral shades like black, grey, brown, beige and white to name a few. A monochrome ensemble would seamlessly work the look.

Amp up any ordinary outfit with fancy jackets to make it look sensational. A Denim jacket puts in a lot of edginess and youthfulness to the look. You could even add a little spunk to it by pairing the top with a leather jacket. Athleisure jackets have been one of the latest emerging favorites in the fashion world, also popularized by the famous American fashion model Gigi Hadid.

Our love for stripes has always been steadfast. They never go out of style. You could sport some over-sized  striped tees or crops, whichever suits you to nail an impeccable look.

Button down shirts seem like a very basic piece, but in reality it can be styled in various ways. It’s usually plain white ones that come to our mind when we think of button down shirts, but it includes a comprehensive collection of colorful printed patterns also. Moreover, they are very comfortable to wear too.

Last but not the least, graphic t-shirts are a go to for pulling off a laid back casual look  with ease. You could also try to showcase a bit of personality by wearing statement t-shirts. Selena Gomez, who donned leather ankle boots, skinny jeans and a graphic tee is playing it trendy  with her rock chic looks which has got me swooning at its mere perfection. Hope you guys liked this post. Have a wonderful year ahead!

xoxo Erica



X’mas Fashion – Stylish Outfit Ideas

On the eve of Christmas, my home is bustling with activity as preparations are being made for the oncoming feast. Festivals are exciting as they give me a chance to dress up with a theme! This Christmas I have few edgy looks for you that will glam up your outfit! And also, all of these looks are street style inspired outfits.

One can never go wrong with red this season or can they? You could try to go bold, chic or subtle with your outfit. Here are some ways you can wear red the right way!

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For all the party lovers out there, the attire is definitely incomplete without a little bit of shimmer. After all you have to leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

A back to school look can be created by sporting chequered skirts paired with a matching top and accessories.

To give a princessy or fairy tale inspired look, tulle skirts are a go to. It gives a soft feminine touch to the dress.

For those ready to step it up a notch and interested in trying some Christmas decor theme based looks, here are a few ideas.

Hope you enjoyed it. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and dont forget to keep it stylish!