Dare to look different? You must try out some of these stylish looks!

With androgyny becoming the next big thing in fashion, I’ve found some cute ways for a beginner to adopt these styles. You can start minimalistic and try sporting suits on jeans. Accessorize the look with funky glasses or shades. For those interested in further experimenting the look, pair the jacket with a long flowy skirt.

Ditch those heels for a change and get those sneakers on! You can pair it with absolutely anything. For an uber chic look, you could opt for a dress, preferably loose fit to go along with the comfort themed dresses that seem to be in vogue and add a little creativity to complete the look with few personal touches.


I must admit I haven’t been a huge fan of hats. But the stunning actress Victoria Justice makes the attire look seamless by pairing it with a hat. All the more reason to try it! Here are few ensembles to choose from.

I hope you like it! Do tell me about your favorites in the comment section below. Be bold, brave and your own kind of beautiful!

Xoxo Erica


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