Street Style 2016- A Flashback

Fashion can be classified in many ways. One of the most influential eye catching, fascinating and popular fashion trends is street style, with a lot of scope for creativity, allowing the wearer to make a statement, have an authentic look or simply put how to own the outfit!  It definitely is my personal favorite. Moreover you can be stylish ,still feel very comfortable and pull off the look effortlessly.It is a growing urban trend , owes it roots to street-wear and is associated with youth culture. What makes it so appealing? It definitely is the existence of limitless possibilities and the liberty of infusing pieces you would normally think looked hideous together but still find a way to make it work. Further you can find various interpretations of street style all over the world, giving us a glimpse of their culture,as the street is where the soul of the country lies,each of very diverse nature. To mark the end of another fabulous year, I am going to take you through a roller coaster ride of some the most interesting street fashion trends of 2016.

Crop tops definitely dominated street wear with beautiful variations like off shoulder sleeves, mock collar and have been paired with denim pants, leggings, form fitting tube skirts, tulle skirts and pleated skirts to name a few.

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Exquisite and pretty designs were observed in the category of lace trends. Few outfits of personal choice that I would definitely like to recreate are, this white laced summer dress flaunted by fashion icon Selena Gomez. She has definitely got it right with lace, as seen in this elegant mock collared, full sleeved black dress paired with heels. Fashionista and popular blogger Chiara Ferragni made us swoon, highlighting the feminine undertones of the fabric in 2016 with her blue laced dress.

Long, flowing dresses were just kept simple with a high slit or given an edgy look by pairing them with denim or leather jackets,metal accessories, low heeled boots and flats, an interesting choice of footwear indeed.

To name a few bold and edgy trends, I think ruffled tops and skirts and sequins fit the description to a tee. I prefer to go minimalistic with such trends and here are a few pictures in tandem with this idea.

When I try to visual comfortable yet stylish and fun casual street style, denims and jumpsuits are my go-to options. Stripes are an all season outfit choice and can be effortlessly pulled off.

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I am more of a t-shirt and jeans girl. A few must have chic patterns this season would be cut offs as well as off shoulder tops and peplum tops.Hope you enjoyed the flashback of some amazing trends we witnessed in 2k16!



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  1. McKenzMorgan says:

    Such a fun post, loved it!

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    1. EricaSpeaks says:

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  2. sheiladytiu says:

    Great post! My favorite is the sequined skirt! 💗

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    1. EricaSpeaks says:

      Thank you very much….! 😘


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