The feeling of being lost and perplexed wasn’t new to her.She just needed to find her way back home.Every time it was a different route,with unexpected ordeals,leading to varying outcomes but always held the promise of a new experience. Taking a route that was already tried before never appealed to her. The monotony of it bored her to death. Was she an adventurous spirit or rather possessed an unhealthy craving for the adrenaline rush she got from attempting unusual things?Could a wild flower look prim and proper when placed amidst a bunch a lilies,or would it look carelessly beautiful as it sways in rythmn with the swiftly blowing wind in the crop fields that so often caresses it along with the numerous plants surrounding it. Being a misfit can be isolating at times but being true to yourself will set you free. She always had a restless mind, lived and worked towards a new dream everday,some may characterise that behaviour as fickle mindedness, regardless she was happier that way. Caring about what others think of you is definitely exhausting, so she stopped.Life is a roller-coaster of highs and lows,a loop that repeats itself endlessly and we keep running in circles of being happy,sad and repeat.Every time the stakes seem higher and the struggles get tougher.But the more it takes to get there,the sweeter the taste of victory. So she grabbed her metaphorical bagpack,slung it over her shoulder and set out on a path never threaded before.



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    1. EricaSpeaks says:

      Thank you very much!

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  1. Oo it WS so me!! 😮

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