A different kind of Philanthropy

blogWe live in a world with widely ranging economic disparities existing in society.It is a mere gamble that some of us end up living in big white houses, with ample amount of opportunities to grow.Lets take a moment and think about those who aren’t that fortunate. Every child deserves a chance to dream. What shapes a child into a responsible,self-reliant,respectable law-abiding citizen? What gives scope to a better and bright future?  Although some of the noble rich do donate huge sums of money, which I undoubtedly agree is a vital necessity and greatly helpful in reaching out to the needy, what can we, the ordinary public do to bridge the gap? Along with providing the children with basic amenities, they have to be given guidance.This could mean a lot of things, like informing them of the opportunities available, encouraging them to pursue their dream, appreciating their efforts along with some creative criticism, rendering moral support, teaching them useful skills etc. Education is the cornerstone in realizing this goal of not only meeting their daily needs but also empowering them.These small act of ours will be highly rewarding as we take more than we give.We get to experience the joy of giving. I can guarantee that through my very own experience. When I had been to few villages in India along with a fellow student group, to visit the schools, which are supported by an NGO, it was thrilling to see the talent,zeal and enthusiastic response of the children. I was overwhelmed by the amount of potential possessed by such kids living in remote areas with minimum facilities. All they need is the belief that they can have dreams too, ones which they can turn into reality and this is possible only if we are willing to sacrifice a small portion of our time and dedicate it towards lending them a helping hand. Always remember, we rise by lifting others.


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  1. Erica, I could not agree with you more. Possessing a philanthropic spirit means more than passing out money as frequently as possible. While I am extremely thankful to be able to support organizations and foundations that are close to my heart with part of my income (and am very thankful for others that are able to do the same), it’s not the only way to give back in order to make a difference. In fact, spending time volunteering is just as important as financial support! Thank you for sharing this post. And thank you for doing your part to help those in need by fulfilling more than just their financial needs.

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    1. EricaSpeaks says:

      Thank you very much! I sincerely hope this post motivates people to volunteer to help those in need.


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