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There are things which are beyond our control. When life puts you to the test, and you have to face circumstances that you are not prepared for, that is when you discover how strong you truly are. You know one thing for sure and that is never to give up because giving up isn’t an option. At such trying times fate puts us through, you need to be your own superhero. 


When you know your life is going to change

That it’s never going to be the same

And there is nothing you can do about it

Just stand helplessly and watch it transit.

When the storm tries to uproot your existence

A warrior is born amidst the turbulence

Only the strong and sturdy rise

Conquering darkness like the blazing sunrise

They make their own wings;

Stone-cold and immune to the uncertainty and swings

They stand tall and face with courage

Prepared for the worst, lest fate ever try to discourage.


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