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What is love?

Each one of us has our own interpretation of love. The more I try to understand its nature, the more bewildered I am. Its seems like an endless journey, this quest to find the true meaning of love. The more you explore, the more entwined its essence gets.


If love sets hearts on fire, doesn’t it extinguish over a span of time?
If love is forever, does it encompass the mortality of the soul?
If love is unconditional, why does it hurt when it is not reciprocated?
If love is fulfilling, what if the emptiness tries to creep in?
If love is perfectly imperfect, why do the imperfections threaten to shake the very fabric on which it was built?
If love is bliss,why at times does it seem blissful ignorance?
If love is forgiveness, don’t some mistakes make the heart go through a great ordeal?
All I am left with is the timeless question, “What is love?”


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