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A Survivor’s Cry


-This short poem is an insight in the mind of a victim of bullying. All of us, at some point of time have been a bully ourselves by not taking a stand against those who bully others and silently watching it from the sidelines. It is time to make a change and join forces in this fight against such torment.

I am fire, I am ice
In a world filled with hatred and malice
I am hurt, I am insecure
I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

Once upon a time I was destroyed
Now I destroy everything in my path
The carefree life that I once enjoyed
Is haunted now, by invisible judging eyes and misdirected wrath.

Everyday is a plight, every step is a fight
Nothing I do ever seems right.
Even my smile feels contrived.
Despite everything, I survived.



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