If I Risk It


Waves crashing upon the seashore
Whispering secrets buried deep in the sea
Its surface pristine blue at the crack of dawn,  a deeper hue of navy by nightfall
Camouflaging the numerous skeletons that lay at rock bottom.
One brave sailor took upon herself a voyage to conquer the sea
Sailed to the end of the world to unearth its mystery
Stubborn as it was, it didn’t give up without a fight
The ship tossed and turned violently, making the sailor’s fears prove right.
A flicker of doubt crossed her mind and she looked at the safe abode of the shore longingly.
At crossroads with herself, a conflicted state of mind
Fear coursing through her veins, overpowered by a strong sense of rationale
Play it safe or risk for something purely on grounds of faith.

But the glimmer of hope in her eyes never dimmed
With a strength she never knew she possessed, she hung on to dear life
As the ship propelled forward, like a sacrificial lamb at the sea’s mercy
She had made her decision and there was no turning back now.
The ship submerged , swallowed by that beast of a sea
The sailor gasped for air as she tried to stay afloat hanging onto a broken wooden plank
Her last attempts at survival were overshadowed by the approaching high tide.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a strange land.
The skies were never clearer nor the meadows so luscious and green
The tide had miraculously pushed her ashore, to a paradise hidden in a dream
If there ever existed a place virtually untainted within its realms.
The dawn of realization that her dream had come true
Struck her with an invigorating intensity
and left her feeling beyond overwhelmed.
A joyful cry reverberated in the tranquil island
The sea had finally paved the way for this courageous soul.


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