The Contemporary Woman

What is the idea of a contemporary woman? One who wakes up the earliest in the house, completes the household chores and makes sure all the family members are in time for work or dressing up the kids for school, and she herself prepares to head for work. Surely not!Today we observe dynamic shifts that challenge this traditional view of a family.Now the father is no longer the head of the family but rather a sense of divided responsibility prevails and unanimous decisions are taken as both parents definitely are contributing financially. So why does a  woman still feel pressurized to keep the family knit together, struggle to keep each person happy and in the end be blamed if something goes wrong.Even if she is not blamed by others,she herself cannot get rid of that nagging sense of guilt somewhere in the back of her mind. It is high time for a woman to realize she cannot juggle work and home life along the lines of perfection. She needs to prioritize and know that it is definitely alright to think about herself, work towards fulfilling her own ambitions and at times put herself before the needs of the family. She will have to come in terms with the reality of the situation, and take charge of her own happiness. Ofcourse there will be consequences,life isn’t a bed of roses anyways,hence despite these uncertainties a woman needs to learn to shed these inhibitions, and stand up for herself.But will all hell break loose if she decides to do so? The family will survive just like she survived all these years sacrificing her needs. It’s time to take control of the situation and vow to never loose our identity. This would be possible if we instill such values in our children from a tender age. Gender sensitization is a dire necessity and our only hope for a future where we stop assigning stereotypical roles to people and not discriminate a person based on their gender.



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