Anger Management

As it keeps escalating to endless heights,I take a deep breath and let it go
Because words left unsaid at anger’s height,saves a million ties from shattering
A broken glass, although fixed, can never possess its original lustre
So never let it fall, never let anger overpower the soul from within.

It may seem tempting to explode, let out that steam from within
It’s only destruction that is caused if one decides to give in
Emotions bottled up keep trying to create cracks in the jar when suppressed for too long
People appauld not the harshly croaking crow but the nightingale’s song.

Dont take the plunge,but hold your horses.

Find a way around it,dont waste time lamenting your losses.
Slowly, but steadily the anger will fade away
Profound peace you will find, when anger is kept at bay.



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