Finding Myself

For every tear I shed, you multiplied that times ten with hearty laughter

You were my light at the end of a dark tunnel

You were the hope of a better tomorrow

In hard times, you let me hold on to you and kept me going

A promise of unconditional love, unswerving trust and everlasting friendship

Like a beacon, guiding a stranded sailor to safety

For every fall, you lifted me up and helped me stay headstrong

You forgave me and helped me move on

I see you, reflected in the mirror

For you are me,the one who got me through the storms of life

A change of thought, thats all it took to metamorphosize myself into a beautiful swan

My face is covered with a radiant smile as I discover the world in a new light

For I know I have me by my side, and I alone hold the power to my happiness.



9 thoughts on “Finding Myself

  1. Bravo. Self discovery is really important to realize it is your inner strength that will help you to live a happy life rather than depending on others opinions about you.

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